Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just Checkin In! :D

Hi guys! So I know I don't post regularly, not even monthly, anymore. But, well, it is summer, and as anyone who remembers their high school summer days, they can sometimes be a bit boring. So I thought I'd check in, since I got some REALLY nice & positive feedback from my last "Goodbye Dance" post. I wanted to just respond to that and check in.

One follower & blogger friend's comment was:

Will you still write about day to day life, though. I mean, there are millions of blogs out there about ballet, but how many are out there about 'what happens after you've quitted ballet and your new career?'

Good point Izi, good point! (She has a really awesome blog BTW you guys should check it out she's listed in my followers)

So here's a little recap of my life so far without ballet :P
This last semester of the school year has been SUPER busy because of midterms and finals. I had 6 finals, in 2 days!! It was really intense, and if I'd been dancing through all of that, there's no way I would have passed any or all my classes. So, it turned out it was for the best. Also, I haven't been completely hobby-less. I have been trying to experiment with new arts and sports, see what I'm good at but doesn't require me to be a prodigy in order to be successful. Ever since I was a little kid, I've ridden horses on an average of about once a week (sometimes only once a month though) in the school year, and quite frequently in the summer. So it is a big hobby of mine, and always has been. 2 years ago, the owner of my local barn invited me to be on her equestrian team (it had just started it) but I rarely had time to compete or contribute because of dance. Now she has set team requirements that must be met to stay on (you must attend a certain amount of meetings, lessons, and competitions) so I've got to focus on that as well. I have also taken an interest in photography and drawing, so I guess I shall see where life takes me!!

Anyway, that's the 411! (Remember when people actually said that? LOL) If you actually read that whole mini-life story of mine, well, THANKS! Because that means a lot to me and I know it probably wasn't all that interesting. In fact, it was extremely UNinteresting. Oh well. Thanks again guys, I'll check in from time to time or talk when there is big news!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The End of an Era

Long time no post... well, I am afraid, this one is going to a be a bit bittersweet. It will likely be my last dancing post. Upon so much thought and intense consideration and a never-ending road to self discovery, I have made the decision not to pursue dance as a career.

I figure I owe you guys an explanation. It was a lot of things. Part of it was school, academics always come first for me, and at a certain point it got to be an overbearing load. And part of it was reality. It simply settled in, I guess. I started at 12, on the brink of 13, and made mountains of progress for the amount of time I'd been doing it. I was already better than a lot of girls in my class. But, see, that's just it. Here, the phrase, "for the amount of time I've been doing it" simply ruins the point of the statement. Because, when a director or judge at a company audition is looking at you, he is not going to say, "Well, cut 'em some slack, they've had 7 years less time than these girls". No, they are going to scrutinize you just the same way, and they should, because that is just the name of the game.

I know I sound quite pessimistic, but believe me, I DO believe that if one is truly dedicated and LOVES and ENJOYS every moment of it in the purest way possible, one should stick to it no matter what. I quit because it wasn't quite right for ME, because I got to a point where lugging my stuff to the studio was no longer something I looked forward to, where I felt that the pure joy of dance was enough to sustain me, I just didn't need all this pressure. I also had so many other things in my life that I wanted to explore and pursue, that I would have missed out greatly on.

So, I just wanted to tell you guys. And I'm so sorry! I actually quit in February, but I couldn't bring myself to post this until now, it just made me too sad. What finally brought me to the keyboard, you ask?
Well, today, I got a call from a number I didn't recognize, since I'd recently gotten a new phone. I answered anyone. And on the phone were a bunch of girls from my old dance studio, asking where I'd been and telling me how much they missed me! This was kind of a shock for me, because I went to an extremely competitive place where no one even put much interest in anyone else, I'd had no idea any of them even cared enough to call. But, it turns out, they did, and that really touched me in a profound way. I'd never explained why I left, never looked back, just was *poof--gone*. So, I guess I just felt it was time I gave you guys an explanation, and said, Fairwell!

(P.S. I know this was cheesy and it may have been due to the fact that while writing this I was listening to Erin McCarley's Pitterpat, which tends to make me emotional, but I just wanted to say sorry and goodbye!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Audition tomorrow!

Yep, another one. I know I did horribly on the last one, (last week), but shockingly my confidence has soared since then. I've had a lot of inspirational talks with some amazing people and I am ready to do it again. Some of these people have been bloggers. Thank you, Nichelle! (DA). With every pointe class I feel I am improving, and even if I don't make it this year, I will next year. So for those of you with auditions coming up, hold your head high, and dance for YOU. Because YOU love to MOVE. Not so some judge can write a rating in a box.


One song that I know you all know sent me a powerful message. Believe it or not, it's 'No One' by Alicia Keys. For me, the thing that I'll love, no matter what someone says, is not a man, but it's dance :P

Happy Dancing!!!
xBest Wishes

What's your latest inspiration?

Have any auditions you're preparing for?

P.S. Sorry I missed the Weekly One this & last week, its been hard to find the perfect product (believe me I've scoured the net!) and things have been crazy busy

Friday, January 14, 2011

In My Pointe Bag

So today I decided I'd share with you guys what is in my personal pointe shoe bag, just for fun! Enjoy!

1. Mesh Capezio Bag (lets the shoes breathe after class)

2. Aria Pointe Shoes from Capezio

3. Bunheads Ouch Pouch (provides adequate protection without being bulky)

4. Stitch Kit or Needle + Thread (I can't tell you how often this saves my life [not literally:P])

5. Band-Aids (these are key!)

6. Spacmakers (prevents bunions for me)

7. Purell (yes, for my feet. Did you know that within an hour of pointework your foot releases 1/4 of a cup of toxins/sweat?!)

8. Gel Heel Grips (I have narrow heels so these can be helpful. If you don't have some but your shoes are slipping, I recommend double-sided tape at the heel).

What's in your pointe (or regular!) shoe bag?

Either write a post and send me the link, or comment and tell me here!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Really Bad Audition :(

Ok, so unlike I'd hoped Sunday's audition went terribly. I realized just what an impact starting late can have. I know I have accomplished a lot, but sometimes I wonder if it's enough to make it as a pro. I started at 13, was en pointe at one of America's most prestigious academies within a year, (I started 3 weeks ago, I'm 14 now). But I am still extremely behind, a fact that I tried to deny until my last audition. I console myself with the fact that I have come extremely far for a year, but is it far enough? No matter what, there's no way I'm giving up. I love it just way too much. So what exactly happened at this audition? Well, it was for pretty much THE most prestigious academies in the world, or their summer intensive at least. The Bolshoi. I was doing wonderufully until the teacher called those 6 words: "Put on your pointe shoes now". He had us attempting fuoettes, pirouettes, pique turns, and so much more. Not only was I too terrified to even do what I do know how to do (echappes, SLOW pique turns, not 30 in a row, etc.), but I simply didn't know how to do much of it. I fell off pointe multiple times. It was just embarresing. By the end I was in tears.

:( (My computer isn't letting me put pics up. Urgh.)

But, while I was threatening to quit everything I love (a.k.a. ballet), my mom said, "Well, how badly do you want this?" I knew the answer. I knew it in every particle of my body. I want it. I want ballet to be my life. At that moment I realized quitting was not an option. Thank you, Mom. <3

Have you ever had a really bad audition?

How did you cope?

xBest Wishes!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Double Audition Weekend!!

Hey guys! So I just got back from a callback audition for a full-time dance school. I don't think it went all the well... I was just nervous, and even after I tackled the nerves, I screwed up. I tried though. Guess that's all you can do is try. I wont know for sure though whether I did or didn't get in until February, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed! And I'll definitely tell you guys the results as soon as they come!

Later, I have a pointe class and then tomorrow I have an audition for a really prestigious summer intensive, ahh... unfortunately I can't say what it is on here:(. I've been trying to figure out whether the audition is on pointe or not, but it doesn't say anywhere on the site. I guess I'll just come prepared for both! Wish me luck!

Are you auditioning for any Summer Intensives?

Do you have any tricks/good-luck things you do before an audition?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Weekly One: The Pure Barre Workout

The Problem: If you're a dancer, chances are you've tried to sculpt and tone your muscles, but without adding bulk, but to no avail. It's hard to get lean limbs and a slim body, and it's even harder to get a STRONG lean body. But fret no more! You're about to find:

The Solution:
The Pure Barre: Ballet, Dance, and Pilates Fusion DVD. This workout works, because it uses different styles of dance and pilates for dancers, as opposed to using only one technique. This helps strengthen ALL your muscles: core, legs, arms etc. One of my favs!

Do you guys have any specific workout/ballet DVD that you love?

Do you have any recommendations for next week's Weekly One?